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Interview with Medium John Wattam

By:John Wattam
Date: Fri,11 Jul 2008
Submitter:Ian Jones

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John was born in Scotland in 1966 in the community of Kelloholm Dumfriesshire, he moved away from Scotland to Yorkshire as a small child and has lived in the area ever since.

Spiritualism came into John's life at an early age. John recalls seeing faces materialise in his bedroom from age 4 years old, he would become scared and go and tell his mum about this and she would comfort him by telling him they were just shadows.

Another early memory for John was that of a little boy who he saw playing upstairs at his home and who ran away from John when he saw him, again John would go downstairs and tell his parents who would then go and check and tell John that he must have imagined it as their was no one upstairs. John didn't see anymore spirits clairvoyantly for some years but says that he was always aware of presence's around him.

At age 12 John was very aware of, what he now calls, 'Inspirers' around him and with him. John's Inspirers are what other mediums refer to as Spirit Guides. John has three Inspirers who he draws upon while working with spirit, with a spirit woman called Mary being the first to introduce herself to John at around 15 years old. Reflecting back now John can remember sending out his thoughts and prayers and getting responses from Mary.

During adolescence John doesn't recall much interaction with Spirit and went about his daily life but still with the feeling that he had someone or something watching over him.

John has graced the rostrums of the United Kingdoms spiritualist churches for the last 10 years giving clairvoyant readings to many.

The following interview was conducted by on the 11th-July-2008.

TSG: When did your first become aware of your gifts?

John: I was aware of spirit as a child from about age 4 years old, and this continued strongly until I reached 15 years old. Looking back now I was quite aware of spirit people drawing close to me but at that time didn’t really understand it. I always used to send my prayers out as a child and I always felt as though I was being looked out for and also felt as though I was aided in some way when getting into scrapes as children do at that age. I had a feeling that someone or something was guiding and protecting me, that someone or something was on my side. Between the ages of 15 and 27 my awareness of spirit around me was less although I felt it was still there if I needed to call upon it for support. I’m fully aware of spirit around me everyday now.

TSG: Can any body train to be a medium or is it something you essentially need to be born with? Can people just suddenly wake up one day with these gifts having had no previous experiences?

John: I totally believe that everyone has the capability of communicating with spirit on some level. I would say that it depends on how far an individual wants develop and nurture their higher self. For me it’s a question of personal growth and development. We all have a spirit, a soul or a higher self, what ever a person wishes to call it, so I believe it’s possible for anyone to achieve connection with spirit, although some people are more in tune with their higher selves than others.

TSG: When did you realise that other children and adults didn't see the world as you did?

John: I'm not sure if I have ever realized that they don’t, I have always wondered if people have had similar experiences to me but due to how people perceive their experiences they may believe its something else. It’s all down to perception for me, for example if something that seems coincidental occurs some people may be happy to put it down to just that, coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences personally, I believe all situations are created purposely, consciously and unconsciously through a person’s thoughts. So going back to the question, I don’t perceive other people to be different to myself as I believe that there is an essence in everyone that can connect to the higher self and therefore spirit.

TSG: Was your family supportive?

John: My mum has always been supportive around my awareness of spirit although she never made a big deal of it nor gave it any fuel or energy when I was very young. I put this down to not knowing what may become of this input with regard to me, or how this may affect me as a child. But she has always been very supportive. I have not really had any in-depth conversations about my gift with other members of my family but a few of them have attended my demonstrations and have seen me work. My brother has very similar senses to myself – for him it’s a little bit mind-blowing and he tends to shy away from developing his gift.

TSG: Mediums are the front line spirit workers helping new seekers understand the possibilities of other dimensions of life, how do you feel about some mediums who no longer seek knowledge for themselves but are contented to just carry on providing readings.

John: I feel its ok for anyone, including mediums, to be content with where they are in life, If a person is at a point in their life where they are content then I believe that’s ok because it’s where they are happy being. Personally I'm a medium who is happy to continually explore and learn as much as I can to develop my knowledge, not only as a medium but as a person. I thrive on self development and link with my higher self to establish a greater sense of well being and understanding. I believe that from gaining a better understanding of myself this reflects on the work I do with spirit.

TSG: Mediums certainly come from all walks of life. Mediums seem to have their fair share of life experience, more than most in some cases. Your life as a body builder seems particularly unique. Can you tell us any experiences that have helped shape your life and work?

John: Through the body building and when I have competed in shows I’ve used the mind body spirit balance to achieve what I have wished to achieve. I would also say that’s its not just in body building – I box, I play rugby and I run and for me its part of the balance, its about creating balance. For me this is important and I stress the ‘For Me’ in this sentence. We are all here on this plane for an individual experience and my experience is mine and your experience is yours. No matter what a person chooses to do with their life they have chosen to do that for a reason and I totally believe that we have a positive intention around the choices we make in life. I personally get a lot from the physical things I partake in, I get a lot of drive, self satisfaction, motivation and determination. It keeps me healthy and it keeps me wealthy in mind.

TSG: What the most amazing evidence you have given somebody?

John: I’ve given lots and lots of evidence as I believe that my role as a medium is to prove that life is eternal and that when we lose the physical body we move onto the spirit realms or however a person wishes to define that. Some people call it heaven and I’m ok with heaven. I like to give descriptions of the spirit coming through to me to the person getting the reading, how the person passed over, birthdays, pass on information about what they may have been doing that day or the day before and capturing the persons personality.
There is proof within proof, what might be significant to one person might be very significant to another person. The most amazing evidence for me is when a person can understand the person I’m describing and am linking to in spirit, because that’s my job

TSG: How do you see the role of the higher self?

John: I believe the higher self is the super consciousness that connects to the universal mind to which we are all part of and that is the link. My own daily links to the higher self allows me to link to the energy to create my life how I wish to create it. It’s a creative force.

TSG: Do you believe in reincarnation?

John: I have been asked this question may times – I have spoken to people who have had hypnosis and been regressed and my feelings around it are that maybe they are channeling someone who is linking to them but to be honest I don’t know as I have personally never had proof of this myself. Other people may have had proof and that’s ok, that’s their reality, that’s what they are drawing close to and maybe looking for. A person always moves towards what they personally believe and are looking for – if a person believes in spiritualism they will move towards that and other likeminded people and find evidence – if a person doesn't believe they will move towards other likeminded people who don’t believe. That’s ok too – we attract into our lives what we want to attract.

TSG: We are constantly told that we have free will but apparently we also have a blue print that determines the lessons we are to experience whilst here, how do you see these two things working?

John: I believe that we all have free will and the blueprints are being created on a daily conscious and unconscious level. I don’t believe a blueprint has been developed prior to coming into this existence – I totally believe that we are all creating the foundation and building of our lives everyday in every way.

TSG: If you could change one thing about the planet what would it be?

John: If I could change one thing it would be to bring more people into a conscious state of creating their own realities on a metaphysical level. I would introduce everyone to the law of attraction.

For more information about John's work please visit his website below.
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cey Rhodes said:

Mr John Wattam is a very talented man, pls make it in your way to see him,ive seen him twice and he was spot on both time x for his message i thank him very muchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sat,28 Jan 2012,19:54:59 GMT
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